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peakinsight focuses on supporting, inspiring, training and mentoring businesses and organisations selling products, services and/or experiences. We will help your business grow sales in our digital age.

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Some of our happy customers

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships with peakinsight

At Peak Business Insight we make business simpler.

We are a Wirksworth, Derbyshire, based company, providing services in the throughout the United Kingdom and beyond – virtually anywhere. We help businesses succeed by providing down to earth and constructive support with a value for money service. Particularly focused on small to medium businesses, their owners and their teams.

We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding customer service with integrity, confidentiality and a genuine commitment to helping you achieve business success. We have trained & mentored 1,000’s of business owners & their teams, leaders & managers throughout the England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland.

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We have developed numerous training programmes ranging from customer service, digital business skills workshop to management development workshops.

“We can increase your sales and profit margins and attract more customers to your business, strengthen customer loyalty and improve your online brand presence.”

Challenges, fundraising and volunteering

peak business insight team members

At Peak Business Insight we are very passionate, determined & focused on the goals.

Whether at work or play, we put bags of enthusiasm and determination towards the goal. To name but a few, we have run, cycled and rowed, competitively. We have trekked to Base Camp Everest, to Nepal and been on Fund Raising Treks to Peru,  Ecuador, Galapagos Islands. We have also carried out challenging treks in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, as well as Thailand, Egypt, Grand Canyon and Iceland. Closer to home, fund raising achievements have been successfully completed for The Three Peaks Challenge (Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon within 24 hours) along with plenty of Munroe bagging in Scotland along the way.

Whatever the challenge is – we will give it our all!

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Derbyshire Towns & Business Forum – Brought to you on behalf of Business Peak District and Derbyshire County Council. We organise this business forum that meets 3 times a year on a voluntary basis; it is held in the beautiful surroundings of the Carriage House at Thornbridge Hall near the picturesque village of Ashford-on-the-Water up to 80 people spend an afternoon learning, sharing, informing, connecting, and discussing topics and issues of mutual interest.  This forum has been very successfully and regularly attended for four years, now entering a fifth year and it is still provided to you for free.

Meet the Team

Our dynamic team has decades of experience and success stories, whilst being at the cutting edge of digital marketing support, business operations, people and their customers,  particularly for small to medium businesses.

Founding Director

Dina Holland peakinsight

Dina lives in Wirksworth, Derbyshire in the UK. She is passionate and proud of Wirksworth and feels very lucky to be living in the beautiful area that is The Peak District National Park and surrounding areas. She grew up in Wirksworth, then travelled and lived throughout the UK with her career, coming home to Wirksworth in 2005.

Dina is a fully qualified Business Coach, Learning & Development Assessor, Business Teacher, Master Trainer and Worldhost Trainer; delivering numerous workshops and one to one mentoring throughout the UK, to new and established business owners, mature students, advanced apprentices and those wishing to become their own boss. Connect with Dina on LinkedIn

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As a member of the LEADER LAG (Local Action Group) for the Peak District Area, she is also a member of The Market Town Work Stream organised by Amber Valley District Council, representing the business and retail community. With over 33 years’ experience working in large corporate organisations leading hundreds of managers at any one time, Dina now focuses on assisting micro, small and medium businesses owners and teams. She will help you review the bigger picture, and break it down into bite sized goals; plan and review to ensure you keep on track for success either, one to one or in training workshops. One thing is guaranteed, when Dina becomes involved in any project…. there will be bags of enthusiasm, determination and energy brought to your business. At the same time she will seek first to understand and work with you to achieve your goals.

Dina does love being outside whatever the weather, “There is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothing!”. She adores dogs of all shapes and sizes, Dina, her partner David and Mollie (their recent rescue black lab/Rottie cross), love to explore, ramble and trek the hills and peaks from home to far and wide, with family and friends, on as many occasions as is possible. After these long walks, all it takes is good food, good wine, good company and a comfortable chair in the garden to achieve contentment!

Specialties include: Expert trainer, business consultant,leadership & management coach and mentor, Learning & Development Assessor focusing on sales, marketing, digital marketing, customer service, websites effectiveness,SEO,social media for business, lead generation & business promotion. Connect with Dina on LinkedIn Founding Director peakinsight – trading as Peak Business Insight Peak Retail Insight Derbyshire Business Directory

Client Blogger and Digital content writer

Michelle Lickfield

Michelle, brings a wealth of business experience having worked extensively within manufacturing and industry in customer service and client sales support roles, throughout her career. She is a very competent wordsmith and lends these talents well in the creation of interesting, relevant and informative content writing.

Having also managed sales support teams in IT, she has spent time providing training to business owners in the best use of websites; working with them from initial development, to providing digital sales and marketing support and ongoing advice about how best to sell services online.

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Her creative writing ability have been honed through her years working initially within business administration and in more recent times she has extended these skills, providing content and blogs written for a variety of different websites – generating product insights, as well as creating general webpage content; offering news updates and posting related blogs.

In support of her work, Michelle says,

“All content is written to primarily promote reader interest but I am always mindful, when writing online material, of the need to ensure correct optimisation – you must ensure that websites and blogs perform well on the search engines.

Content has always been King, when it comes to digital resources and it pays dividends to have good, fresh, interesting and relevant content on any site or social media platform associated to your business.”

In “real life” Michelle is a Peak District resident and lover. She has spent time living in various parts of the country, but she is honoured to now call the Peaks  home. It provides the perfect place to enjoy outdoor pursuits and indoor leisure, with her faithful hound, Gertie, always in tow!

Carole Shaw - Administrator

Carole is a little star!  She has recently joined our team and handles all the repetitive and potentially mundane administrative tasks, allowing us to concentrate on your business. Her strong communication skills, whether verbal or written, alongside her attention to detail, make her a valued team member – one that we can rely on to get the job done!

She is proactive and accurate in everything that she does and can handle large amounts of paperwork and data. Everything about our business is in the strictest of confidence and kept within our security protected combination locked storage system.

Managing our large database of customers, partners and strategic stakeholders, Carole’s number one goal is make sure our customers are always happy, whether inside or outside the team.

Carole also loves the great outdoors and is able to enjoy the Peak District with her little Scottie dog, Bill, who is adorable.

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She is proactive and accurate in everything that she does and can handle large amounts of paperwork and data. Everything about our business is in the strictest of confidence with a security protected locked storage system in place.

Managing our large database of customers, partners and strategic stakeholders, Carole’s number one goal is make sure our customers are always happy, whether inside or outside the team.

Carole also loves the great outdoors and is able to enjoy the Peak District with her little Scottie dog, Bill, who is adorable.

Jean Ball - Associate Director

Jean Ball

Jean is a woman of many talents who moved to Buxton in 1989 and has become a well-known and respected member of the local community both personally and professionally. Jean is a great communicator, an excellent project manager, and brings a positive, can do attitude to everything she does.

With a track record of delivering positive change, supporting social enterprise, and creating game changing events Jean is now freelance and describes herself as a Place Making & Events Manager, Advisor & Trainer.

This means that Jean supports people, partnerships and places to deliver positive disruptions that entertain, change perceptions, attract new visitors, and help to reverse decline.

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Passionate about places and experiences, Jean’s skills include collaborative working to deliver great projects and events that reflect the culture and character of places, to raise engagement, footfall and recognition. If you have a bright idea or ambitious project but don’t quite know how to get it up and running, or the project has stalled, Jean will help you realise your ambition.

Jean is able to bring together the people, businesses and organisations in a location to create and complete initiatives that improve perceptions, the visitor experience, and the trading environment. She supports people and places to achieve their goals and the collaborative process leaves a legacy of increased capacity and engagement. Jean is a Member of the Institute of Place Management, a Director of Transition Buxton CIC, and trades under the name ‘Eventful Places’. Connect with Jean on LinkedIn 

Alun Barrett - WordPress Websites that Work

Wordpress Websites that Work

Working in Partnership with Alun Barrett

Who is Alun Barrett? He doesn’t mind whether you call him Al or Alun, whichever you prefer he says. That is the sort of guy he is, a very calming, positive influence. Alun moves around between 3 bases. In the winter he is in Chamonix Mont Blanc, in the summer he is in the French Pyrenees south of St Girons and in between times he is here in Wirksworth, Derbyshire in the UK.

He is what some people refer to as a “theme blender” rather than WordPress developer.  He will build websites using WordPress as a base and use existing themes. He may tweak some code to get the look that he wants for you and for the site to do what he wants for you but essentially he uses themes and plugins developed by others.  What he does really very well is find out what you want a site to achieve and use that information to then construct a site that focusses on your objectives.

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Initial questions will include:Who do you want to find your website? How do you want them to find it? What words would they type into a search engine? Where do these people live? What do you want them to do once they have found it? The answers to these questions will develop into a conversation with more detail which will inform you of how your website might look and different SEO requirements for different pages. It will also influence how to make the site easy to navigate for the user. In the past he has produced all the copy for sites, or you can take that on yourself. Alun has also provided or sourced imagery; again if you have it, let’s use it. You can and should get as involved in your site as much as you would like. Alun works on a day rate for putting sites together and an hourly rate for Consultation. If he cannot add value to what you want to achieve then you can expect not to pay. If he cannot help you he may know someone who can. Talking to Alun is the only way to find out.

What else does Alun do?    He is also a Facilitator and Trainer working in Learning and Development. In the winters he supports his wife, Breezy, running a catered chalet in Chamonix and skiing loads. In the summers they are renovating an old barn up in the mountains which is completely off grid and pretty remote. They both love the outdoors, climbing, walking and foraging. Alun is set up for a fairly nomadic life and communicate via the internet wherever he is.  He uses a VOIP telephone, a mobile and believe it or not, when in the Pyrenees, Satellite Broadband run off solar panels. If you want to work with Alun, and we would strongly recommend this of course, CONTACT ALUN BARRETT and fill in the form.

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Peakinsight have a range of courses for businesses to get up and running with Marketing on the Internet. Marketing Consultants are available to support your business needs

  • Social Media
  • Web directories
  • Website Optimisation
  • Accessing Funding
  • And much much more…

Want to maximise Digital Tools and Social Media channels to improve your online presence and grow your bottom line?

  • Understand your Audience
  • Create Marketing Content
  • Learn about SEO
  • Devise and Implement a Social Media Plan
  • And much much more…

Want to expand and develop your Business? Increase sales to existing customers and access new ones.

  • Plan for Growth
  • Increase Sales
  • Develop New Products & Services
  • Access Funding
  • And much much more…

Want to develop your Leadership and Management Skills?

  • Your Leadership Style
  • Motivation and Empowerment
  • Giving Direction and Delegation
  • Managing Teams
  • And much much more…
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Attract new customers

Attract new customers

Failing to attract enough new customers is worrying, but if you know why it’s happening you might be able to turn things around. Here are some reasons why customers could be going elsewhere and not to you.

Increase sales to existing customers

Increase sales to existing customers

Improve customer retention and increase sales to existing customers. 10 ways to increase sales through existing customers.

Establish your Brand & identify your Niche Market

Establish your Brand & identify your Niche Market

What is it that makes your brand strong and where does your Business fit in the market. How to develop your Brand and build your Business.

Customer Service & Selling Skills

Customer Service & Selling Skills

The easy way to sell more to existing customers, generate refferals, increase sales and profits. And so much more...

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Everyone can develop their Leadership Skills and do it in a way that is measureable against key performance indicators, whether it be staff morale or customer feedback.

Digital Skills made Easy

Digital Skills made Easy

Get your Business in a position to make the most of the Digital wordld. In easy to digest & understand chunks.

A Social Media Strategy for your Business

A Social Media Strategy for your Business

Getting through all the options for using Social Media, what they do, how to use them, and will they do what you want them to?

Need some help?

How we Work

  • How we Work

    We believe that different situations need different approaches – whilst there are great models, one size doesn’t fit all. Flexibility is important. That’s why it’s important for us to spend time listening to you to really understand you, your business or organisation, and what you want to achieve.

  • Free Initial Consultation

    Our initial consultation is free of charge, This is to understand what your needs and wants are for your business and what solution we can offer you with a clear action plan. We will also signpost you to the best solution if we believe that will be right for you and your business.

  • How much do we charge?

    We offer a wide range of services in different locations. Individuals in our team and network of associates, all bring a wealth of skills and experience. We aim to bring you the best possible value for your money solution with a return on your investment which is always our objective.

  • Why choose peak business insight?

    We respect and value people, and tell them the truth without spin. We have integrity and discretion, and believe in honesty and being open-minded. We have decades of experience and proven business success. No one tries harder to put the customer first.

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