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wordpress sites that work

Introducing - Alun Barrett - WordPress Websites That Work

Wordpress Websites that Work
Who is Alun Barrett? 

He doesn’t mind whether you call him Al or Alun, whichever you prefer he says.  That is the sort of guy he is, a very calming, positive influence.  Alun moves around between 3 bases. In the winter he is in Chamonix Mont Blanc, in the summer he is in the French Pyrenees south of St Girons and in between times he is here in Wirksworth, Derbyshire in the UK.

He is what some people refer to as a “theme bender” rather than WordPress developer.  He will build websites using WordPress as a base and use existing themes.  He may tweak some code to get the look that he wants for you and for the site to do what he wants for you but essentially he uses themes and plugins developed by others. What he does really very well is find out what you want a site to achieve and use that information to then construct a site that focusses on your objectives.

WordPress Websites that Work

Initial questions will include: Who do you want to find your website?  How do you want them to find it? What words would they type into a search engine?  Where do these people live?  What do you want them to do once they have found it?

The answers to these questions will develop into a conversation with more detail which will inform you of how your website might look plus different SEO requirements for different pages.  It will also influence how to make the site easy to navigate for the user.  In the past he has produced all the copy for sites, or you can take that on yourself.  Alun has also provided or sourced imagery; again if you have it, let’s use it.  You can and should get as involved in your site as much as you would like.  Alun works on a day rate for putting sites together and an hourly rate for Consultation.  If he cannot add value to what you want to achieve then you can expect not to pay.  If he cannot help you he may know someone who can. Talking to Alun is the only way to find out.

What else does Alun do?

Alun is also a Facilitator and Trainer working in Learning and Development. In the winters he supports his wife, Breezy, running a catered chalet in Chamonix and skiing loads. In the summers we are renovating an old barn up in the mountains which is completely off grid and pretty remote. They both love the outdoors, climbing, walking and foraging. Alun is set up for a fairly nomadic life and communicate via the internet wherever he is. He uses a VOIP telephone a mobile and believe it or not, when in the Pyrenees, Satellite Broadband run off solar panels.

If you want to work with Alun, and we would strongly recommend this of course, CONTACT  ALUN  BARRETT and fill in the form.

WordPress Websites that Work

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