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Welcome to the Peak District National Park & surrounding areas

Peakinsight is based in the Peak District Area, a place of outstanding natural beauty that is a delight for us to work in and inspires us daily. It was Britain’s first National Park and is visited by millions of visitors – from surrounding towns and cities, the UK and all over the globe.

In addition to outstanding landscapes the Peak District National Park offers a great range of outdoor activities including walking, cycling and climbing as well as being a great place to visit local pubs and, of course, drink local beer…

The local tourist board have lots of useful information on the area – come and be inspired too.

As England’s most accessible outdoor destination, the Peak District is known and loved by millions for rich experiences that offer relaxation, inspiration and adventure.

Discover and experience a place of contrasts and hidden gems, full of ancient customs, local food, rural traditions, festivals and events. As an area of stunning natural beauty it includes a great variety of landscapes, with moors and dales, rivers and valleys, reservoirs, springs and caverns, all contained within Britain’s first National Park.

The Peak District National Park spans four English counties in the heart of the country – Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire – and is home to dozens of fascinating market towns & pretty villages, world famous attractions, heritage sites and breathtaking landscapes.


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peak district national parkMade in Derbyshire

Our famous Peak District trails were the first countryside trails to feature on Google in the summer of 2014

‘Trekker’ which records for Google ‘Streetview’. A pioneering first for UK national parks! Only Angkor Wat and the Grand Canyon have had this opportunity before.

Google Doodle on Thursday 17 April 2014

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Google Doodle

Jim Dixon, chief executive of the Peak District National Park Authority said: “I’m really excited that Google has chosen to reflect the Peak District National Park on their home page. The ‘Google Doodle’ has become an institution since Google’s founders began to change the famous Google logo to reflect different stories.

“As the World now increasingly uses the Google search engine to go about its business, being selected to be a ‘Doodle ‘ is very prestigious. Across the World only a very few national parks have featured, including Yosemite on its birthday and Mount Fuji when it achieved World Heritage Status.

“In the UK iconic places such as the British Museum and Dr Who have been ‘Doodled’. Today, the Peak District National Park is 63 years old and Google UK have chosen our national park to be the first ever ‘Google Doodle’ national park. The Doodle has been cleverly created with the gritstone ‘Salt Cellar’ from Derwent Edge and the Millstone prominent with our diverse landscape as a backdrop.

“As we celebrate the achievements of the past 63 years we can look forward to a future in which we remain at the forefront of what national parks are about, being renowned as an innovator and a very successful organisation.”

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