Ambassador Workshop (half-day programme)


“The tutors were professional, friendly, and flexible in their approach. Thank you for helping equip the volunteer workforce involved in Cardiff’s contribution to the London 2012 Games!”

Gareth Power, Sport Cardiff (trained local ambassadors in Cardiff for London 2012 Games)

WorldHost Ambassador Workshop gives staff and volunteers the skills to deliver a warm and friendly welcome to customers and visitors, and is particularly focused on their role as an ambassador for their local area.

Participants will learn how equipping themselves with knowledge about what’s on offer in their local community can take their service to another level. We’ll encourage them to think about what’s available in the local area, and how a positive and enthusiastic attitude can have a real effect on the visitor experience (and ultimately, visitor spend).

This programme was used to train thousands of local ambassadors for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics, and is perfect for training staff and volunteers at sport, cultural or tourism events of any size.

What will I learn?

Your staff/volunteers will learn:

  • Why their role as an ambassador is so important, and how powerful their connection can be with visitors to your community
  • How to demonstrate a warm welcome to customers and visitors and respond to their different needs
  • The importance of maintaining a positive attitude
  • How to become more familiar with the community they represent, equipping them with the knowledge to answer customer queries
  • Information about a specific event or changing infrastructure in the community (if the programme is being used to prepare for a particular event)

How we Work

  • How we Work

    We believe that different situations need different approaches – whilst there are great models, one size doesn’t fit all. Flexibility is important. That’s why it’s important for us to spend time listening to you to really understand you, your business or organisation, and what you want to achieve.

  • Free Initial Consultation

    Our initial consultation is free of charge, This is to understand what your needs and wants are for your business and what solution we can offer you with a clear action plan. We will also signpost you to the best solution if we believe that will be right for you and your business.

  • How much do we charge?

    We offer a wide range of services in different locations. Individuals in our team and network of associates, all bring a wealth of skills and experience. We aim to bring you the best possible value for your money solution with a return on your investment which is always our objective.

  • Why choose peak business insight?

    We respect and value people, and tell them the truth without spin. We have integrity and discretion, and believe in honesty and being open-minded. We have decades of experience and proven business success. No one tries harder to put the customer first.

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