Digital Marketing

A Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business

Digital Marketing Strategy

Use the expertise of peakinsight to guide your digital business effectively. Through our workshops or Digital Marketing Apprentice training programme learn best practice for marketing your business online.

Identify your target customer profiles

target customers

“My ideal customer is……” usually the answer to this question from business owners is ” well everyone is my customer…we get all different ages  from all walks of life!” peakinsight will help you understand why this approach is so wrong!

Analysis customer behaviour & effective communication


We have so many more tools and free tools at our fingertips now to analysis customer behaviour and so many more ways to communicate. We will help you choice the right methods for different customers.

Keywords SEO & Social Media Optimisation


Increasing Opportunities with Good Search Engine OptimisationSEO alone is not likely to create sales, good organic SEO will attract customers to read your content and this, so long as it is relevant to their search, is likely to grow new business opportunities. SMO, social media plays such an important part now in getting found by your customers.

Content Management Blogging & Vlogging

blogging and vlogging

Creating valuable, quality content is one of the most important keys to reaching your customers. One of our team, Michelle, focuses her time generating individual blog post ideas creating blogs and content marketing for our customers. Vlogging is another term for Video blogging or in other words, it is a way to show video over the Internet.

Understand the different social media platforms

Social Media Optimisation

Social Networking And Media For Business Use – Is It For You And Your Business? We help you start with the basics – clearly communicate your business and its type, vision, aims, objectives and goals. Which marketing tools are right for your business? Our team here at peakinsight can help you get it right!

Create a social media strategy for your business

Social Media Strategy

What are the steps you need to take to create a successful growth strategy. The mission is a statement of why you exist and what you wish to achieve. Specifically, what your company wants to achieve is the goal. This could also be called ‘a statement of ambition’ for your business and is key starting point for any growth strategy. Ask yourself ‘How should we position ourselves in the marketplace to secure long-term success?’ ‘What type of business offer will we provide?’ Let us help.

Monitor and measure your social media performance


Take time every week to analyse your results, with many different result types from Google Analytics, Social Media Performance statistics to the amount of likes and followers you grow. Setting the goals is the first step of the process; the final step is to measure the success of the achievements. When you initially set your strategy, ask yourself: What will success look like? What investment will be required and what return will be generated? Just a few of the questions we will ask.

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