Leadership for Managers Workshops

However large or small your organisation is you and your people can make the biggest difference.

Leadership skills and your development as a leader is very essential to your business. If you are happy to remain small, you can continue to concentrate on the daily ‘nuts and bolts’ without worrying about personnel management issues, however, if you expect the business to grow, you inevitably have to employ people. The ability to show effective leadership and to manage people at this stage, becomes critical to your success.

We train leadership skills either on a one to one/monthly or intense basis for managers and bosses or if you have several managers we can deliver to you as a workshop internally with your company. We can also deliver in a location where there are more than one business that wishes to gain from the experience of these workshops and also benefit from the networking experience that inevitably comes with these types of local or national workshops.

What is Leadership?

Session Objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Give practical examples of effective leadership
  • Describe the role of the leader in today’s organisations
  • Describe the differences between a leader and a manager
  • Identify skills and characteristics of effective leadership

What are leadership skills?

A skilled leader inspires and motivates people in order that they can collectively achieve results.

A leader has expectations placed upon them, both by the organisations for which they work, and the people whom they are expected to lead – these expectations may conflict.

Organisations need leaders to

  • Achieve business goals and targets
  • Improve efficiency/effectiveness
  • Resolve problems
  • Move the business forward
  • Develop their people
  • Manage change
  • Get more out of their people.

The present business environment makes the role of leaders increasingly important.  Factors affecting businesses today include:

  • Increasingly competitive, global markets
  • Flatter organisational structures
  • Advancements in Information Technology
  • More demanding customers
  • Rapid change (e.g. shorter product life cycles, diversification)

Teams expect their leaders to

  • Give clear direction
  • Support the teams interests
  • Encourage and support individuals
  • Involve them
  • Develop them
  • Give clear feedback

We can provide either workshops for groups or 1-2-1 sessions with you in 2, 3 or 4 hour consultation and development, whichever suits your business and time needs. Contact us for more information.

How we Work - Workshops

  • What are our workshops like?

    We make sure that all of our workshops are interesting, fun and interactive. We understand everybody does not enjoy learning in the same way. with regular breaks and constantly checking everybody understands, whilst making sure everyone feels really comfortable.

  • Where do we hold our workshops?

    We can use your location or provide one that best suits your needs. We set up the room and the environment to achieve maximum learning and maximum fun! Always in a great environment.

  • How much do we charge?

    We offer a wide range of services in different locations. Individuals in our team and network of associates, all bring a wealth of skills and experience. We aim to bring you the best possible value for your money solution, workshops starting from as little as £50 pp + vat depending on location, numbers of learners and learning topic.

  • How do I book onto one of your workshops?

    Let us know what you are interested in, if the workshops are full, we can add you to our waiting list or create a bespoke workshop of your own. We mainly focus on the Peak District and Derbyshire central areas, however we do travel across the UK by arrangement.

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